Free Full Site Survey

to determine the generator size, location, exhausts and more


We offer customers a free full on site survey to determine the generator size, location, exhaust and air inlet routes, fuel storage requirements/fuel piping routes and power distribution.  On completion of consultation and final agreement of requirements a detailed quotation is prepared and passed to the client

Design Plans


On delivery, the equipment will be positioned by the installation team.  They will install and connect fuel and exhaust pipework, control panels and changeover panels.  The equipment will then go through a series of checks and tests to ensure all the work carried out meets the customer’s, manufacturer and any statutory requirements.

Design Plans


Once installed and with functional checks completed, the team will load bank test the equipment to its full capability (manufacturer’s specifications).  On completion of proving the unit, including witness testing of the system in standby operation (site load), a report will be handed over to the client along with equipment manuals, drawings and any other supporting documentation.  Commissioning is also available to sets not installed by DQM.

Design Plans


We have the facility to supply, offload and position the following:

  • Trailer mounted generators
  • Static generators
  • Secure generators
  • Bulk storage tanks
  • Cables
  • Electrical distribution
  • AMF Panels
  • Low voltage transformers
  • Splitter boxes
  • Earthing kits and more

We also offer fuel management and full installation service if required.  Should the need arise for a temporary set to be supplied (e.g. in the case of an emergency), then we can supply the above within a matter of hours.  All hired equipment will be serviced and maintained as part of the hire cost.

Design Plans

Our Clients

Local Authorities – Emergency Services – Hospitals – Data Centres – Film & TV Studios – Care Homes – Rest Homes – Motorway Depots – Commerce – Telecommunications – Schools – Colleges – Universities – Residences – Stately Homes – H.M. Forces – Stadiums – Museums – Hotels – Marinas – to name but a few!